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Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Updated: May 2, 2023

Free Worry Worm Crochet Pattern With Written and Video Instructions.

Worry worms spread joy and hope, they remind people to smile and that they are not alone. They are super easy to make and enjoyed by all who receive them.


· DK yarn in chosen colours

· Chunky yarn in chosen colours

· 3.5mm and 4mm crochet hooks

· Embroidery needle and scissors

· Toy stuffing

· Googly eyes and glue


· Magic Loop (I chain two and crochet into first loop to create ring)

· CH – Chain

· ST – Stitch

· SL ST – Slip stitch

· SK ST – Skip stitch

· SC – Single crochet

· HDC – Half double crochet

· DC – Double crochet

· SC2TOG – Single crochet two together

· JOIN and FO – SL ST into next ST, chain one, cut yarn

· FO- Fasten off

· FLO – Front loops only

· BLO – Back loops only

· T – Turn


· I first seen these worms on a crochet group called 'Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness'. The ladies in the group were making these worms and leaving them around different places to make people smile. Imagine if everyone was as kind as them - the world would be a better place. So why not make your own Worry Worms and start spreading some happiness near you :)

· I did not design or create the Worry Worm ethos - the message is too good not to sharE.

· Pattern written using American terminology.

· Video tutorial can be found at the end of written pattern.


Note – made with 3.5mm hook and DK yarn.

Worm – make with chosen colour.

1. CH30, 4SC into the 2nd CH from hook and the next 27 CH’s, 10DC all into the last CH, SL ST into same ST to join.

Join and FO.

Glue on 3-4mm googly eyes.


Note – made with 4mm hook and chunky yarn.

Worm – make with chosen colour.

1. CH2, 6SC into the 2nd CH from hook {6}

2. 2SC into every ST around {12}

3. (SC1, 2SC into next ST) 6 times {18}

4. (SC2, 2SC into next ST) 6 times {24}

5-9. SC around {24}

10. (SC2, SC2TOG) 6 times {18}

11. (SC1, SC2TOG) 6 times {12}

12. (SC2TOG) 6 times, SL ST into next ST {6}

13. CH30, 3SC into the 2nd CH from hook and the next 28 CH’s, SL ST back at the head of the worm.

Join and FO.

Glue on 10-15mm googly eyes.

Poem Verses: -

Poem One:

I’m a little worry worm,

Keep me near and squeeze me tight,

Tell me your worries and I will make everything Alright!

Poem Two:

I’m not lost,

I’m just alone,

If I made you smile,

Then take me home.


1 Comment

Melissa M
Melissa M
Sep 08, 2023

Thank you for this wonderful free pattern. This is the cutest way to spread love and understanding in our world today. And is not only for girls or women, but for everyone. Will definitely be continuing to spread the love here in the US. Thank you again. Melissa M.

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