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Hi! I'm Christine and I'm a Crochet Addict

Teenie Crochets was founded in 2020 so I could have a productive outlet for my creativity and skills in crochet design.

From conceptualization to the final outcome, each design process is completely unique and has taken many hours to complete.

 Get in touch to find out more about my design services, and let’s start working together today.

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My Story

HI Im Christine aka Teenie,

​My crochet journey started in 2012 when like so many unfortunate people I began to suffer with chronic anxiety. This debilitating condition eventually forced me to leave my management position in the health service industry.

Having no job left me with many more hours in the day which I needed to fill. I had to distract myself from the debilitating anxious thoughts - and learning to crochet became that distraction for me.

I was instantly in love with my new hobby, I watched 100's of hours of YouTube tutorials, read all the books I could get my hands on, and even enlisted the help of my 80 year old Nan who had crocheted socks in the 2nd world war!

Things got serious pretty quickly after that. My husband designed my very own craft room with yarn storage. I bought and taught myself how to use a video camera and through some trial and error how to edit videos on my laptop. This allowed me to record and put together my own video tutorials for other people who were looking for a distraction from their own lives.

Now 10 years on I am again earning a wage and contributing to my household doing the thing I love the most - crocheting. I now create patterns and run live tutorials, I record YouTube videos and I create custom plushies. I went from having too many hours in the day to not having enough.

Crochet (as cheesy as it sounds) was the light at the end of my tunnel, it gave me back my purpose, and now I get to share that purpose with you.

Much Love,

Teenie xxx

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