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Tablet / Phone Sleeve Cover Crochet Pattern

A tablet sleeve that turns into a bag pack.... what more could you want :).

This cover is completely customizable, you can use any colour and suit to fit any size. Obviously the straps are optional


· DK yarn in various colours

· 4mm crochet hook

· Embroidery needle and scissors

· Stitch markers


· Magic Loop (I chain two and crochet into first loop to create ring)

· CH – Chain

· ST – Stitch

· SL ST – Slip stitch

· SK ST – Skip stitch

· SC – Single crochet

· HDC – Half double crochet

· DC – Double crochet

· SC2TOG – Single crochet two together

· SC3TOG – Single crochet three together

· HDC2TOG – Half double crochet two together

· DC2TOG – Double crochet two together

· DC3TOG – Double crochet three together

· JOIN and FO – SL ST into next ST, chain one, cut yarn

· FO- Fasten off

· T – Turn


· To determine the correct size of your foundation chain, so that it best fits your tablet – you must make as many chains needed as to tightly wrap around your tablet and meet back up with one another.

· You must chain a multiple of 3.

· If you chain does not meet a multiple of 3 you can either add a couple of chains or take a couple of away until you have a multiple of 3.

· Instructions given are based on the size of an I-PAD 2. But you can use the same method for any tablet or phone.

· Pattern written using American terminology.

Tablet Sleeve – begin with colour A.

1. CH60, SL ST into 1st CH to form a loop

2. CH1, SC into same CH space and CH1, and in all other CH’s around {60}

3. CH3 - Counts as a DC, 2DC into the same space as CH3, CH1, SK 2 STS, (3DC into the next ST, CH1, SK 2 STS) repeat until end of row, SL ST into the CH3 from the beginning of the round.

Change to colour B.

4. Attach colour in any of the CH1 spaces from previous row, CH3 – count as DC, 2DC into the same space as CH3, CH1, (3DC into the next CH1 space, CH1) repeat until end of row, SL ST into the CH3 from the beginning of the round.

Join and FO with colour.

5-24. Repeat rows 5 and 6, 20 more times (or as many times needed to fit tablet) changing colour on each row.

25. Join next colour in the top of any of the DC from round 47, SC into the tops of all DC, but skip the CH1 spaces.

Join and FO.

Closing the bottom of the sleeve.

Turn the sleeve inside out so you are working on the wrong side, press the sleeve flat.

With the same colour as the foundation row SC the hole at the bottom of the sleeve closed.

Join and FO.

Turn sleeve the correct way.

Sleeve Lip – make with any colour.

1. With the sleeve pressed flat, join your yarn into a stitch at the very side of the sleeve, SC30, CH1, T {30}

2-9. SC across, CH1, T {30}

10. SC2TOG, SC26, SC2TOG, CH1, T {28}

11. SC2TOG, SC24, SC2TOG, CH1, T {26}

12. SC2TOG, SC2, CH3, SK3 STS, SC12, CH3, SK3 STS, SC2, SC2TOG {24} (CH3 spaces are for button-holes).

13. SC2TOG, SC20, SC2TOG, CH1, T {22} – (Do 3SC into the CH3 spaces.)

14. SC2TOG, SC18, SC2TOG. {20}

Join and FO.

Join final colour anywhere along the sleeve opening.

15. SC around the rim until you reach the lip, SC around the lip of the sleeve doing 3SC in any corners to turn, SC around the remaining lip.

Join FO.

Sew Buttons into place with buttonholes.

Bag Straps – make 2, made with all 4 colours from sleeve.

You can use any I-cord method you want to make straps.

1. With all 4 strands SL KT onto hook.

2. With yarn holding hand separate 2 strands over your tension finger and hold two strands low between your thumb and middle finger.

3. With the bottom two strands wrap them around the hook front to back.

4. Take your hook and yarn over the top two strands and pull through all strands on hook.

5. Repeat rows 3 and 4, 90 times (or until you are happy with strap length)

6. Tie straps onto bag.


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