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Stand Up To Cancer!

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Cancer is something you hear about often, you hear about the awful things it does to family's, and the loved ones that are lost forever. Even when hearing about it so often I never though it would happen to my family, so when I heard the news that my dad had prostate cancer it was one of the worst days of my life! It was the type of news that changes everything, it makes you feel sick and helpless.

Its funny to say but my dad was one of the lucky ones (if you can be lucky having Cancer). He was diagnosed very early and the chances of recovery were high. He would not need Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, but he would need an operation to remove his prostate.

To say that the Doctors and Nursing staff at Broad Green hospital were amazing would be an understatement, they were there for my dad 24/7. They were beacons of hope and positivity during such a hard time, and like many other NHS staff are completely undervalued.

On the day that my dad was told he was cancer free, he took the nursing staff a bit of an unusual gift. He gave them a jumbo prostate man which I had made using using chunky yarn. The prostate man even wore his own prostate cancer ribbon! Mr Prostate now sits on the nursing station desk waiting to great all those who are going for their appointments as a reminder to have hope for the future.

You can make your own Jumbo Elephant with the free crochet pattern link below:

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