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Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern

Free Slipper Sock Crochet Pattern With Written and Video Instructions.

I love these slipper socks, I even make a pair for my sister each Christmas. Last time I made them I used fluffy yarn and they looked even better!

The slippers will fit a UK size 4-5, but remember yarn will stretch over time so its probably best to make a snug fitting pair initially.


· Aran yarn

· 5.5mm crochet hook

· Embroidery needle and scissors


· Magic Loop (I chain two and crochet into first loop to create ring)

· CH – Chain

· ST – Stitch

· SL ST – Slip stitch

· SK ST – Skip stitch

· SC – Single crochet

· HDC – Half double crochet

· DC – Double crochet

· SC2TOG – Single crochet two together

· HDC2TOG – Half double crochet two together

· HDC3TOG – Half double crochet three together

· DC2TOG – Double crochet two together

· JOIN and FO – SL ST into next ST, chain one, cut yarn

· FO- Fasten off

· FLO – Front loops only

· BLO – Back loops only

· T – Turn


· Put a clip marker in the last stitch of round one and more up each round. This will ensure your stitch count is always accurate.

· You can make your Slipper socks in any colour.

· Pattern written using American terminology.

· Video Tutorial can be found at the end of written pattern.

Slipper – use dark coloured yarn for sole of slipper

Note – until otherwise stated do not join at the end of rounds.

1. CH22, into the 3rd CH from hook do 3SC, SC14, DC4, 5DC into the last ST, now working down the opposite side of your foundation chain, DC4, SC14, 2SC into the last ST {46}

2. HDC3, SC19, 2HDC into the next ST, 3DC into the next ST, 2HDC into the next ST, SC19, HDC2 {50}

3. 3HDC all into the 1st ST, 2HDC into the next ST, HDC3, SC18, HDC1, 2DC into the next ST, 3DC into the next ST, 2DC into the next ST, HDC1, SC18, HDC3, 2HDC into the last ST {58}

4. HDC1, 3HDC into the next ST, HDC1, 2HDC into the next ST, HDC3, SC17, HDC3, (2HDC into the next ST) twice, 2DC into the next ST, 3DC into the next ST, 2DC into the next ST, (2HDC into the next ST) twice, HDC3, SC17, HDC3, 2HDC into the last ST {70}

5. SL ST to the back centre most stitch of sole and then FO. For me this was 5 SL STS. Make sure to SL ST loosely as you will be SC into them later.

Sole of the slipper is now complete and continuing will make the top of the slipper.

Change to chosen colour of slipper. Make sure to join colour in same stitch you FO previous colour from

1. SC70 {70}

From here on you will now be working in rows.

CH2 does count as HDC stitch.

CH1 does not count as a ST so you will have to do your first ST into the same space.

2. BLO SC70, Join, CH2, T {70}

3. HDC8, SC16, HDC4, (HDC2TOG) twice, HDC3TOG, (HDC2TOG) twice, HDC4, SC16, HDC10, Join, CH1, T {64}

4. SC3, (SC2TOG) 3 times, SC47, (SC2TOG) 3 times, SC2, Join, CH1, T {58}

5. SC22, HDC4, HDC2TOG, HDC3TOG, HDC2TOG, HDC4, SC21, Join, CH1, T {54}

6. SC3, (SC2TOG) twice, SC18, HDC2TOG, HDC3TOG, HDC2TOG, SC17, (SC2TOG) twice SC1, Join, CH2, T {46}

7. HDC22, HDC3TOG, HDC21, Join CH1, T {44}

8. SC44 {44}

Join and FO.



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