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Lolly Ice / Popsicle Crochet Pattern

Free Ice Lolly Crochet Pattern With Written and Video Instructions.

This pattern is special to me because its the first one I ever made. I have often thought about re-writing it and making it better, but then it wouldn't be special,

The Lolly Ice can be made in any colours and the face detail is optional. Perfect crochet pattern for beginners.


· DK yarn in tan, white, pink, light pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple

· 3.5mm crochet hook

· Toy stuffing

· 2 x safety eyes {10mm}

· Embroidery needle and scissors

· Stitch markers


· Magic Loop (I chain two and crochet into first loop to create ring)

· CH – Chain

· ST – Stitch

· SL ST – Slip stitch

· SK ST – Skip stitch

· SC – Single crochet

· HDC – Half double crochet

· DC – Double crochet

· SC2TOG – Single crochet two together

· JOIN and FO – SL ST into next ST, chain one, cut yarn

· FO- Fasten off

· FLO – Front loops only

· BLO – Back loops only

· T – Turn


· Pattern written using American terminology.

· Stuff Ice Lolly as you go.

· Video Tutorial can be found at the end of written pattern.

Ice Lolly – begin with pink yarn

1. CH11, SC in the 2nd CH from hook, SC8, 4SC in the last ST, working down opposite side of foundation chain, SC8, 3SC in the last ST (the 1st ST of the previous round) {24}

2. 3SC in 1st ST, SC8, 3SC in the next ST, SC2, 3SC in the next ST, SC8, 3SC in the next ST, SC2 {32}

3. SC1, 2SC in the next ST, SC10, 2SC in the next ST, SC4, 2SC in the next ST, SC10, 2SC in the next ST, SC3 {36}

4. In BLO SC around {36}

5-13. SC around {36}

Change to white yarn.

14-21. SC around {36}

Change to blue yarn.

22-29. SC around {36}

Add eyes between the 5th and 6th row of white, 8 stitches apart.

Stuff lolly so far.

30. (SC4, SC2TOG) 6 times {30}

31. SC around {30}

32. (SC3, SC2TOG) 6 times {24}

33. SC around {24}

34. (SC2, SC2TOG) 6 times {18}

Join and FO.

Close with mattress stitch.

With black yarn sew on mouth below eyes.

With various colour yarns (pink, white, green, purple and yellow) sew random ‘sprinkles’ on the blue top section of the lolly.

Cheeks – make 2 with light pink yarn.

1. CH2, 6SC into 2nd CH from hook {6}

Join and FO.

Sew or glue cheeks into place.

Lolly stick – make with tan yarn.

1. CH2, 6SC into 2nd CH from hook {6}

2. 2SC into every ST {12}

3-12. SC around {12}

Join and FO

Stuff stick firmly with stuffing.

Sew onto bottom on lolly ice.



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