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Christmas Lights Crochet Pattern

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

This might be the most simple crochet pattern that ever existed. These lights where inspired by the Christmas tree lights on the first season of stranger things, and make the perfect decoration for any season, not just Xmas.

The lights are made individually in the colour of your choice, the only stitch used is SC. They are then attached to a crochet chain. These lights can be as long as you like, there is no limit to the length that they can be.


· DK yarn in multiple colours and black

· 4mm crochet hook

· Toy stuffing

· Embroidery needle and scissors

· Stitch markers


· Magic Loop (I chain two and crochet into first loop to create ring)

· CH – Chain

· ST – Stitch

· SL ST – Slip stitch

· SK ST – Skip stitch

· SC – Single crochet

· SC2TOG – Single crochet two together

· JOIN and FO – SL ST into next ST, chain one, cut yarn

· FO- Fasten off


· Stuff lights as you go.

· Pattern written using American terminology.

Light Bulbs – make 10 or more.

1. CH2, SC6 into 2nd CH from hook {6}

2. SC around {6}

3. 2SC into each ST (12)

4. SC around {12}

5. (SC1, 2SC into next ST) 6 times {18}

6-7. SC around {18}

8. (SC2, 2SC into next ST) 6 times {24}

9-10. SC around {24}

11. (SC2, SC2TOG) 6 times {18}

12. (SC1, SC2TOG) 6 times {12}

Stuff bulb firmly.

13. (SC2TOG) 6 times {6}

Change to black yarn.

14-16. SC around {6}

Join FO.

Sew top of bulb closed.

Bulb Cord – make with black.

1. CH30, SL ST 1st bulb to chain, CH25, SL ST 2nd bulb to chain, CH25, SL ST 3rd bulb to chain.

Continue adding bulbs and Chaining 25 between each bulb.

When the last bulb has been added CH30 and FO.

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