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Does your child have a favorite drawing? Maybe an imaginary friend? Or maybe they just enjoy creating monsters? if so I can bring their friends to life. 


Every doll is hand crafted stitch by stitch and includes all the little details needed to make it look perfect for you.


Each doll is made using cruelty free acrylic yarn and hollow fibre super soft poly-fill stuffing.


This is 100% a unique and personalised gift which is perfect for any occasion.


Once you have placed your order I will ask you to send me your reference photos via e-mail. I will also ask you to specify anything particular you want on your doll.


You may also e-mail me before ordering if you have questions or specific requirements.


Once the doll is finished I will send you photos to ensure 100% satisfaction, but buyer must allow for creative and artistic differences.


Finished products will not be a mirror image of photo - but as close as crochet allows.


I reserve the right to choose what details will be included, some artistic licence will be used to ensure the conversion from photo to doll. However I will end-ever to make sure they are as close as possible.


**Every Item in my store takes many hours to make and is one of a kind**


**Free UK shipping**

Pictures to Dolls


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